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Volunteers Needed

Michelle Heming
December 12, 2021
Volunteers Needed

The Shaking Bog Festival is looking for volunteers to help out at this year's festival, which is on Fri 10th, Sat 11th and Sun 12th September in Glencree (Co Wicklow) and with a really exciting programme.

We are looking for volunteers for the duration of the festival but we would also love some help in the days leading up to the festival too.

The following is a brief guide to the principal areas of volunteer operation. By reading this you can make a more informed choice of which area you would prefer to volunteer in and consequently increase your enjoyment of the Festival and the benefits of your volunteering experience.

Volunteering for Front of House puts you very much at the forefront of the Festival experience. 2021 will see the Festival unfold across various different spaces. From a church, to a school, to woods, and more, the list goes on. The venues are the hub of Festival activity and you will get the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of a festival. Front of House volunteering activities include admissions, ushering and general venue operations (crowd liaising & information point of contact). Through co-ordination of these elements our venue staff ensure the smooth running of the Festival schedule.

With different shows happening in multiple locations at the same time, we rely on the support of the volunteer staff to manage ticket sales, collections and with organising pre-booked seats for our patrons. This is a responsible role with volunteers having to deal first and foremost with the public and manage admissions. Activities include: organising tickets before performances, greeting patrons, checking pre-booked tickets at venues and ensuring the smooth running of entrants before a show. This role would suit organised individuals who enjoy fast-paced work.

This falls under production of a theatrical sort; it involves sometimes assisting with the assembly of stages/ stage areas (lots of chair moving, socially distanced pod set-up etc.), or in some cases, heavy lifting. It is not glamorous but vital to help us pull together a successful event. There is lots of good experience to be gained assisting this department. Also, if you have any skills in stage lighting, PA systems or are keen to learn more about these things then volunteering within the Production department can prove enormously beneficial. Some prior and basic knowledge of the technical side of production would be an advantage

In an Arts organisation everybody works in marketing or is active on social media, at least to some extent. Thus, this is an opportunity to become a member of our special Marketing task force in order to help and spread the word about the festival to as many people as possible maintaining the quality and consistency of the message across all the channels and working closely with the Festival Team and within the guidelines provided. This role requires strong, confident, approachable, communicative not to mention creative and enthusiastic people who know and care about our programme. You will be able to actively engage the general public both in conversation or online about our shows. So, if you like to blog, tweet etc. and want to help spread the word about Shaking Bog, then we need you for this task.

We rely heavily on dedicated volunteers to assist with organising site layout. We look for hands on types here who are not afraid to get stuck in and get their hands dirty. This could be anything from setting up chairs and tables and socially distanced pods, to erecting marquees, to putting up bunting and signage. The list goes on. So, if you have a grá for aesthetics and optimum functionality at the same time, this is the role for you.

This involves ensuring that each car is parked as quickly as possible, in order to keep traffic queues to the event as short as possible. We ask for confident, approachable and courteous individuals who will play a vital role in ensuring the overall smooth operations of the Festival.

Runners assist wherever they are needed. You may move between event locations and may even be required to go off site to purchase/ collect items for the Festival Team. Deliveries and collections will be inevitable in this role. This may also include overseeing artists and ensuring that you escort them from their accommodation to their event location at the right times. This may also include collecting artists from the airport/ seaport and transporting them to their accommodation. This role requires you to be polite, positive and punctual and you must be able to move around constantly on your shift, whether that be on two feet, two or four wheels! This role may involve some heavy lifting or other such  items and would be suited to ‘hands on’ type individuals.

Note that in all roles we would ask volunteers to assist with maintaining COVID Guidelines.

We are asking those who are interested to complete an Application Form which should be sent back to Natalie Hans ( by Monday 9th August latest.

Click here to fill in the form:

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