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What We Can

Film Screening

What We Can

Bugs Bees and Native Trees (BBNT) presents ‘What We Can’. This documentary details Ireland’s extraordinary history of ecological destruction and aims to give viewers a greater understanding of the mitigative benefits that planting trees can have for reducing the onset of climate change. The documentary aims to empower ordinary people to take action to protect our planet. We hope to demonstrate that individual action, collectively, can make a huge difference. Be it positive or negative the decision is ours.

Director: Katie O’Halloran
Producer & Composer: Chris Merton
Assistant director & Production Coordinator: Grace O’Donnery
Design and Visual Effects: Louise Dunne
Director of Photography: Ryan Darnell and Conor Ryan
Sound Recorder: Evan Keogh

Bugs Bees and Native Trees (BBNT) is an initiative that is encouraging young people and communities across the island of Ireland to take environmental action by planting native trees. By the end of 2021 we aim to have 100,000 trees planted.

Nature writing icon copyright Ronan McDonnell

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